What to do in kaabong

  1. A 20-minute drive to Uganda – Kenya escarpment
  2. A 40-minute drive to Kidepo National Park

The Kidepo Valley National Park is among Uganda’s most magnificent parks along the border of Uganda with Southern Sudan in the northeast. It covers 1,442 sq. kilometers and offers scenery unparalleled in any other national park within East Africa. A common comment made by the visitors in regards to its scenery is that “It couldn’t be any better!”, and oftentimes the visitors promise and actually return to Kidepo. Hidden into the corner of the border of Uganda with Kenya and South Sudan, this park offers spectacular Savannah landscapes that end in rocky horizon.This park hosts a great variety of animal species in comparison to any other Ugandan parks. Of the Eighty species recorded in 1971, Twenty-eight weren’t known to exist in any other park within Uganda

3. Exploring the traditional villages of Karamajongs

Meet the Nomad Warriors, the Karamojong (Karamojong) are a proud people living in their traditional ways as semi-nomadic herders in the remote Karamoja region of Uganda which borders South Sudan and Kenya. If you are on Safari with us to Kidepo Valley Park, a visit to a Karamojong Manyatta (Village) can be included in your itinerary from Kidepo Valley Park or if journeying up from Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls area one can visit the largest Manyatta in East Africa near the small town of Kotido. A Manyatta visit will be culturally enlightening and refreshing since it this is not a Tourist staged event but you will see how the Karamojong live, the houses where you have to bend down to enter through a small entrance, observe community life, and one of the highlights is of course the traditional dancing which is accompanied by high jumping, all performed in honor of your visit. Visiting the Karamojong people will be one of the highlights of your time in Uganda.

The praying rocks

A walk to the mountains

Exploring the rocks of kaabong

Wild game habitat

The cattle market that brings together natives and people from neighboring countries

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